Any company/agent/manpower supplier that has published an ad for recruiting on behalf of Al-Saffar International or has pretended to represent our company is committing fraud and all relevant ads should be ignored or informed to the authorities in Kuwait and UAE. 

Al-Saffar International will NEVER ask for any deposits from applicants.


Our Vision

To excel and show consistent progress to our stakeholders in every sector we operate in.

Our Mission

Fostering long-term confidence and respect, while generating sustained growth for all stakeholders.



 Kuwait is a relatively small market and over the past 30 years Al-Saffar Intl has established a distribution system that allows us to cater a lot of the goods and services efficiently and profitably.

 Among our customers are major outlets, major supermarkets (hypermarkets, co-ops and convenient stores), any and all e-commerce channels and websites as well as local wholesalers and retailers.

 We take pride in our resourceful and efficient distribution network thrive in an economy where supply chain management is the key to a successful business. We understand the importance of timely delivery and payments and expect the same from our partners to maintain trust and reliability.


Words from our CEO and Founder

Haresh Devidas Jetwani

We have been lucky to be a part of the growth of the GCC over the past three decades. We have experienced immense growth everywhere from customer spending patterns to infrastructure development in Kuwait. This boom can be attributed to the seamless trade between the GCC countries and the proximity of our ports.

Through the decades, we have not just reacted to the changing conditions of our often volatile markets, but we excelled at finding opportunity and advantage in what others have often seen as turmoil. I've always made decisions based on two factors which I think help businesses become market leaders, and that is the robust combination of quality and price. 

We live in a generation where the ease of access to information is unprecedented. 

Albeit revolutionary, this type of technology comes with a threat of increased competition and more alternatives for the end customer. I constantly find myself faced with new challenges in all our divisions but at the end of the day, I welcome these challenges because they are ultimately the critical driver of performance and innovation. 

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